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Leverage a platform that is easy to use to manage your emails for both personal and professional use. With the ability to design a unique email signature, it is versatile for use across multiple regions.

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Protect Your Data Through Encrypted Safe Mails

Use IMAP/POP authentication mechanisms to access and manage your personal and business emails.

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Encrypted Email

Encrypted Email

Provides top-notch security without requiring outside access. It offers total privacy protection and is ad-free.

Create a Signature

Create a Signature

Offer an email signature, which is a great way to make every message you send more unique. It enhances professionalism, raises brand awareness, and strengthens your marketing plans.

Use Unlimited Mailboxes

Use Unlimited Mailboxes

Gives you the choice to focus all of your company's communications in one location and more than enough space for all of your marketing initiatives.


What is Safe Mails?

Safe mails are secure, encrypted email services that allow users to send and receive confidential information without worrying about the contents of their emails being compromised. Through the use of data encryption and other security measures, safe mails ensure that emails are only accessible to the intended recipient and that any data contained within the email is kept secure. Safe mails also provide the convenience of being able to send and receive large files, such as images and videos, without having to worry about their contents being intercepted.

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