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Having a reliable business email address will help you operate your communications successfully and establish a strong connection with your clients.

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Effective and Reliable Business Email Address for Long-Term Success

Organize your numerous communication channels, promote your brand, and maintain a professional demeanour with your potential customers by using a business email account.

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Business eminence

Business eminence

Keep up a continual flow of contact with your clients and potential clients, and safely and seamlessly send crucial data both internally and outside.

Manage Your Business Emails

Manage Your Business Emails

Create group email accounts for all departments to easily manage all emails from different parts of your company. Create customisable folders to organise your many emails so that you may store the ones you need in accordance with the names of the departments they belong to.

In-house Communications

In-house Communications

Communicate with all of your colleagues without difficulty by using the same format for all of your email addresses. By searching for an email in the format preferred by your employer, you may simply track any message in your inbox or start a conversation.


What is Business Email?

500Mail's business email service aids in establishing your company's identity and promoting your brand. With correct authentication of SPF and DKIM configurations, which shield your email communications from spamming and phishing, it helps you grow your business. Study up on the Business Email Server. Find out more about email hosting How Do I Create A Business Email Account?

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