What Are Popup Triggers?

Popup triggers are an essential part of any customer engagement strategy. Learn more about the most common popup trigger types and their general purposes.


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Interactive messages that appear in the form of pop-ups are called popup triggers. Popup triggers are employed to entice customers to act by posing queries or presenting deals. They also assist in enhancing lead generation with help of lead generation software. Popup triggers can be applied in a variety of ways, such as website design, email marketing, social media marketing, and more. Depending on the requirements of the business, there are different kinds of popup triggers.

What are the Different Types of Popup?

Pop-ups are the most common type of mobile marketing. They are triggered by clicking or tapping on the ad unit, and they may also appear when scrolling through the content. This type is commonly found in apps, websites, and advertisements. The various types of pop-ups are not only a staple in the mobile marketing industry, but they are also some of the most used and effective elements.

Types of Popups

Types Of Popups

1. Instant Apps

When a user launches an app for the first time, these ads appear. They prompt users to install downloaded apps, purchase paid apps, or enter contact info.

2. Act as notifications

When they contain important information, such as a new text message or an upcoming meeting reminder, these popups appear on top of any app.

3. Interstitials

Interstitials, also be referred to as "pop-ups," "pop-unders," or "pop-ins", these ads interrupt the user's normal workflow and force them to wait until they close before proceeding with their task.

4. Banner Ads

Prominent banners that are similar to traditional web banner ads and can be seen across most screens and contexts, including mobile websites and native.

How to Set Up Your Popup Trigger On Your Website?

Setting up a popup trigger is one way to improve the user experience on your website. This can be accomplished using a code snippet or a website personalization tool with some code. This enables you to design the experience you want your users to have while also knowing what they are going through at each stage of the process.

Setting Up a Popup Trigger

You can customise your popup maker in a wide range of ways.

  • The text in the pop-up window has word count restrictions ranging from one sentence to unlimited, as well as colour options for visual appeal.

  • Users have to click the button within a certain time limit. Whether any kind of verification is required before the pop-up appears.

Types of Popup Triggers for Targeted Content Success

Popup triggered is an extremely effective lead generation tool that aids in user conversions. Many different types of popup triggered content can be used to improve the user experience. Popups are one of the most effective content marketing strategies available to marketers. The five types of popup triggered content are as follows:

1. Feeds - A feed is a collection of blog posts, social media updates, or product details.

2. Notifications - A notification is a postcard, text message, or email that contains information that will assist people in making an informed decision.


3. Messages - A message is a personal update that provides people with information about their personal finances or health.

4. Slideshows - A slideshow is similar to an advertisement; in that it displays images and short captions about products and services.

5. Polls - A poll, like a survey, allows people to provide feedback on topics that are important to them.


Popup triggers can be of a few different kinds, but the most popular ones are those that depend on user behaviour or time. For instance, a popup may appear after a visitor has spent a certain amount of time on your site or after they take a specific action (like clicking on a certain button).

You can be sure that since 500apps' ConvertPath's popup triggers are based on user behaviour, only people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say will see your popups. As a result, ConvertPath's popup triggers are some of the best in the industry.

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