Virtual Meetings

to connect and collaborate from anywhere

Allow people to connect and collaborate over the internet, regardless of their geographic location. This type of meeting is often used by businesses with employees who are dispersed across different areas. Virtual meetings usually involve voice and video conferencing, file sharing, screen sharing, and webinars.

Virtual Meetings




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Effective Communication and Collaboration in Virtual Meetings

Allows the parties to communicate in a virtual environment.

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Real-Time Chat

Real-Time Chat

Allows users to remain in contact with their team or corporation from any location on the planet. It enables efficient communication between employees, clients, and partners.

File Sharing

File Sharing

Provides a one-stop solution for telecommuters who need to share files with another individual. By using our site, you can avoid having to go to another location to collaborate.

Mute Participants

Mute Participants

Mute all with a single click to stop listening to the audio of all other participants.


What Is Virtual Meetings?

Virtual meetings are real-time conversations that take occur over the Internet using integrated audio and video, chat capabilities, and application sharing. They provide a means for learners to engage in fully interactive online learning experiences including lectures, conversations, and tutoring.

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