Virtual Interview

to simplify the virtual interview process and save time

Record the answers to questions ahead of time helps the hiring team to spend less time on scheduling and conducting interviews. It also allows candidates to thoughtfully prepare their responses. As a result, both the employer and the job seeker can be more confident in the quality of the information exchanged.

Virtual Interview




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Select the Right Candidate by Using the Virtual Interview

Allow employers to quickly and efficiently screen large numbers of applicants from around the world and also offers a more comfortable and convenient experience for job seekers.

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Unlimited Tests

Unlimited Tests

Create an unlimited number of tests for any job role to evaluate applicants. By including all the necessary information, such as the job position, job description, instructions, and application information, you can create and save several assessments for hiring decisions.

Test Category

Test Category

Create many assessment types, such as marketing or human resources, and include questions in various formats in the evaluation assessments. Create a new category and give it a name and description that appropriately expresses its purpose.

Applicant Performance

Applicant Performance

Get your test results right away, in a safe and secure online environment. With our auto evaluation feature, you can save time and money on your hiring process.


What is Virtual Interview?

Recruitment software has many advantages over in-person interviews, including being more convenient and cost-effective. They also allow employers to connect with a larger pool of candidates, which can be especially helpful when recruiting for remote positions.

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