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Deliver top-notch customer service to establish a relationship with website visitors, respond to their inquiries in real-time, and boost website engagement for higher conversion rates.

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Help companies maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer service. Automatically manages customer inquiries, provides automated responses and offers real-time support.

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Assistant Dashboard

Assistant Dashboard

Monitor, manage, and optimization of all your Live Chat performance. A thorough agent dashboard offers cutting-edge analytics and insights into your data to increase traffic.

Analyze Client Comments

Analyze Client Comments

Help of our customer feedback reports, you can raise customer satisfaction and lower bounce rates. Our reports are made specifically for your company and will provide you with useful information about your customers' opinions.

Theme Design

Theme Design

Make your website stand out, customise the theme, colour, text, and avatar. Select a theme for your website that best reflects you and your company because it will reflect the services you offer.


What is Chat Support?

Chat support is a type of customer service where customers interact with representatives through a live chat interface. It allows customers to quickly and conveniently get their questions answered without having to wait on the phone or send emails. Chat support representatives are typically trained to answer customer questions and provide helpful solutions promptly. They can also provide customers with additional information they may not have been aware of, such as promotions and product recommendations. With chat support, customers can have their questions answered and get the help they need within minutes, rather than hours or days.

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