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Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking

Automate the tracking and administration of applicant data for recruiters, which would expedite the process of hiring new trainees from start to finish.

Create Custom Workflows

Create Custom Workflows

Create an automated flow, add a trigger name, choose a call flow, and describe the processes required for hiring trainees.



Select a candidate's name to see their profile. Include comments, evaluate their resume with attachments, and look at a preview.


What is an ATS?

An ATS automates resume tracking, sorting, and evaluation to speed up the recruiting process. Businesses rely on it to coordinate everything from posting open positions to interviewing potential new hires. ATS can be used to store resumes in an easily searchable format. In addition, they let employers monitor the status of applications and provide information about the efficiency of the hiring process. ATS is designed to improve the efficiency of the recruitment process, as well as reduce costs associated with hiring new talent.

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