App Monitoring

to monitor application's usage

Allows you to manage your app from a single platform by monitoring app performance and sending notifications about app sessions, crashes, and errors.

App Monitoring




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App Monitoring Software

Allows you to query for information about your app's usage, such as app sessions, app crashes, and app errors.

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App Evaluation

App Evaluation

Helps to identify areas for improvement, ensures that the app meets the needs of its users, and gains insight into how users interact with the app.

Identification of Data

Identification of Data

Assists researchers to validate the results of their analysis for better understanding the context of their research, and detect any possible errors.

Troubleshoot App Issues

Troubleshoot App Issues

Helps identify the root cause of an issue, allowing users to quickly and easily resolve the issue and get the app up and running again.


What is an App Monitoring?

The process of tracking and monitoring the usage and performance of applications is known as app monitoring. This includes tracking app usage data, such as how frequently and for how long the app is used, as well as monitoring app performance, such as crash rates and response times. App monitoring can assist developers in identifying problems with their applications and improving the overall user experience.

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