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Convert visitors into customers and speed up customers resolutions using a chatbot on multiple platforms.

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Create Bots

Create Bots

Build and Manage Bots With Ease

Create custom chatbots in seconds to create a single point of contact for your customers, promote products and services, automate notifications, and respond instantly to customer feedback.

Build Flows

Build Flows

Design Chatbots Using Visual Flows

Utilize the possibilities to create chatflows that work for your company and truly engage with your customers. Modify the templates according to your business needs for codeless automation.

Chatbot Reports

Chatbot Reports

Advance your business with data

Understand how chatbots are performing, track history, and assess the progress to get better insights. Make data-driven business decisions using reliable and accurate data.

Website Chatbot

Website Chatbot

Make Websites Interactive

Handle every aspect of your business from lead generation to natural language processing, customer inquiries to CRM assistance, and stay ahead of the competition with a chatbot.



Industry Oriented Templates

Create your own chatbot and make it customized for your business. You can start off with a pre-made template and then customize it for the best possible scenario.

WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp Chatbot

Reach Potential Customers Instantly

Engage with the people who matter to your company by instantly solving their questions or inquiries. Talk to tens of thousands of people from the instant messaging app, WhatsApp.


What is Chatbot Software?

Chatbot software is a form of AI that generates text-based conversations with human users. The conversation may start out as an automated response to a message that was received by the chatbot and then turn into an interactive conversation. Chatbot software from Botup by 500apps makes it easy to build chatbots. Botup provides personalized conversations to your customers for better conversion rates. Also build intelligent automated chatbots that answer customer questions instantly and improve customer support. Learn more about Chatbot Software

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